Jump: First, tell us what you wanted to draw in Hokuto No Ken

Well, I wanted to draw men who fight and fight well ...
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

Except Kenshiro, are there other characters you enjoy?

Shū. Before the draw I had not made ​​that pretty faces, he gave me the chance to get out of the routine and from that time I have tried to depart from the genre. From the perspective of history it was also very interesting
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

What was easy / difficult character to draw?

It depends on the situation, but in general no character is easy to draw ...
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

In Hokuto No Ken there is several kinds of martial arts, do you have a favorite?

Technique Rei, The Nanto Suichōken. Artistically speaking, it's beautiful.
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

What a scene you left the strongest impression?

At the 10th chapter. It was the first moment in history ... and in general they remain long in the mind.

—Tetsuo Hara[1]

Before the weekly publication of Ken, you have previously created a manga called Hokuto No Ken and appeared in Fresh Jump, do you can tell us about?

I thought I was going crazy. I did not have a single assistant. I received a little help when I was putting the finishing touches ... I was happy to get help before ... but it was really misery...
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

Then Buronson joined you and you have started working together ... you can tell us about?

The interest of the story took a whip, and he brought a lot of variety, it was great.
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

did you give guidance on certain scenes?

I really never gave guidelines.
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

what do you like about drawing?

Perhaps realism. I try to bring real feelings in my drawings.

And regarding the action scenes I am careful not to make it too terrible, it was necessary to give readers a sense of unease - some freshness! I also tried to draw villains and character that look like monsters. This way, those who die are not really human...
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

A choice between humans and monsters, which you have brought more fun by drawing them?

Both. I have tried to draw only the heroes and the same goes for the monsters. Both bring me a balance.[1]

Is there are people or works that have influenced you?

If I could choose I would [say] filmmakers Spielberg and George Lucas[sicc]
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

Like movies? Yes, lot's [of movies]. I always wanted to draw manga in full colors, much like a movie but at the realization, the manga is much easier. It is really ideal.
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

What kind do you watch the most?

The blockbusters with Stallone and Schwarzenegger.
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

You often go to the movies?

Yes, if its a good movie, I go without worrying about the genre.
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

What Manga are you reading?

Taniguchi Jiro and Ikegami Ryoichi, among others.
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

Apart Hokuto No Ken, is there something you dream draw?

Yes. a war for example. Something about Vietnam. After that, a historical narrative. Something that has never been done on TV, something like Kurosawa's ran. I'll use guys like Kenshiro in each story. I think Ken is the kind of guy who can do it all ...
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

So all these themes have in common is the struggle between men?

Yes. There is a second part to the series Hokuto No Ken, you can tell us about ? There were so many things I wanted to do, I do not rest, because of wearing myself to the task ... My body had no time to recover and my physical condition is reflected in the manga. Anyway, all of what I felt at that time is reflected in the story ...
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

Last question, if you survived a nuclear war, what would you do?

I've drawn in the manga. No doubt about it.
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

And if you met Kenshiro?

I would follow him.
—Tetsuo Hara[1]

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