ラオウ Raō
King of Fists (拳王 Ken ō)
The Conqueror of Century's End (世紀末覇者 Seikimatsu Hasha)
Status Deceased
Gender Male Male
Height 210cm/6'11[1]
Weight 145kg/320 lbs[1]
Measurements 65/160/130/115[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 42
Anime Debut HNK032 (Cameo)
Voice Actors
Japanese Kenji Utsumi
Professional Status
Kenpō Hokuto Shinken
Secondary Kenpō(s) Gō no Ken
Team(s) Hokuto Four Brothers
Affiliation(s) Ken-ō Army
Occupation(s) Supreme Leader of King of Fists Army
Partner(s) Kokuō
Previous Partner(s) Toki
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Raoh (ラオウ, Raō) was a tyrannical warlord that seeks to dominate the post-apolcalyptic and is commonly referred to as the Conqueror of the Century's End (世紀末覇者 Seikimatsu Hasha). He is central antagonist of the first half of Hokuto no Ken and serves as the protagonist in his own spinoff Ten no Haō.

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